How We Began



Furnace Street Mission Films from Akron in the 1930s



Across the past five or six years it is important to note that the Chaplaincy Center wasn't something the Director created.  It was conceived from support to deputies and their families in the aftermath of a jail death that led to prosecution. From the agony of group meetings came the request, from both police and fire, that we turn the old Furnace Street Mission building into a confidential center to support and assist first responders.

About thirty police and fire personnel assembled and de-constructed the old building and the Tri County Building Trade Association took the re-construction as their single project. The result was a building that lends itself to the multiple objectives you read in our vision and mission statements. 

For some who receive this it is a report of accountability with great appreciation for the support that brought it about and sustained it. For others, it is an invitation to do something extremely important to support those whose services and sacrifices preserve the safety and security of our homes and businesses.

For those who have participated, donated your time, or helped fund our projects and operations over the years, we thank you. 

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