Governing Board

The Safety Forces Chaplaincy Center enjoys non-profit status as a function of the Furnace Street Mission, Inc.

It is governed by the Board of the Furnace Street Mission, Inc., under which the Center has its non-profit status.




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Capt. Sylvia Trundle                                                                            Sheriff Drew Alexander                                                         Charles Billow                                                       William Hauser, Ph.D.

President                                                                                                  Vice President                                                                 Treasurer                                                                  Secretary

Akron Police Department                                                                              Retired                                                                    Billow Funeral Homes                               Asst. Dean, College of Business, U. of Akron





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Robert Denton, Ph.D, LISW-S                The Rev. Dr. Sandra Selby                           James Harvey, MSW                                 The Rev. Glenn George                         The Rev. Joyce Smith

Executive Director                                                              Chaplain                                               Substance Abuse Counselor                               Ret. Summit County Sheriff                                     Chaplain     



Board members meet over lunch.
Clockwise, Officer Doug Jenney, Attorney Larry Vuillemin, Bill Fairweather, Dr. Bill Hauser, Capt. Sylvia Trundle, Doug Kohl, Frank Harvey,  and Bookkeeper DeAnne Bohl.



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                 Rita Chambers                             Frank Harvey, Esq.                                  Douglas Jenney                            William Fairweather

     Quality Assurance Coordinator,                                                                        Akron Police Department                        CIA, Retired

        Akon Fire Dept. and EMS


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                      Douglas Kohl                                                      Kevin Thompson                                                        Larry Vuillemin, Esq.

              Exec. Director, YMCA                                     Regional President, PNC Bank                          Gorman, Malarcik, Pierce & Vuillemin



Community Sub-Committee:

  • Sgt. Michael Clar, Bath Police Department
  • Rita Chambers, Akron Fire Department
  • Chief James Green, Akron Fire Department (ret).
  • Russ Iona, Boards of Trade,
  • Officer Doug Jenny, Akron Police Department
  • Lt. Ray Minnich, Akron Fire Department
  • Gary Moneypenney, Akron City Council
  • Ken Stewart, Ken Stewarts Grill and Restaurant
  • Sgt. Marc Trundle, Tallmadge Police Department, Ret.
  • Lt. Chip Westfall, Akron Police Department
  • Capt. Charles Twigg, Akron Fire Department
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