You Can't Legislate Morality


Bob Denton


Chaplains Corner




That was a phrase that was bandied about for a long time. I don’t hear it any more. One reason may be because we have so broadened morality that it doesn’t make much difference. Of course it does to those who enforce the law because we run into the behavioral effects of those for whom it has been diluted.

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With Heart & Mind.


Bob Denton


Classic and biblical Greek has a gutsy word – “splanknous.” The Greeks thought the center of what drives us, our heart, was located in the abdominal cavity – our guts. Anatomically they were a bit off but they can be excused for that. They knew that in love and anger that’s the section of the body that cranks. One might ask, “Have you the heart for this?” or also correctly say, “Have you got the guts for it?”

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What's it To You?

Bob Denton

Chaplains Corner

                                                           WHAT'S IT TO YOU?

I led a national crisis response team into one of the mass murders that happened in another state several years ago and came back permanently affected. As was our custom we reviewed the scene and details of the event in which, along with numerous others, several police officers were murdered. The youngest officer had his ankle shattered by a bullet and was crawling across the parking lot when the offender circled him and shot him in the back of the head.

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What About Us?


Bob Denton

APD Chaplain

A year ago to the date of our own memorial Paul Hylinski and I made a pact. Since we could not go to the National Memorial in 2009 we would go this year. Thank you brothers and sisters of Lodge 7 for making that possible for me. The year flew by with all its business and then suddenly it was time to make good on our promise. As long as I live I shall not forget that honor or its impact.

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We Have This Treasure In Earthen Vessels


Bob Denton


                 We Have This Treasure In Earthen Vessels@ - 2 Cor. 4:7

I was in a Captains office when he said, Did you hear? They just no-billed Mike Beitkos case.@

One more painful piece to be laid in place. I thought, as a chaplain, an officer, a friend, and a man, what can I say about this entire situation? Well, think along with me for a minute or two.

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The Project is Progressing.

Bob Denton

FOP Chaplains Corner


The chaplaincy project is progressing. It's currently at the Law Department stage to insure we do everything appropriately and stay out of any potential difficulties. Tentatively we are looking for Nov. 1 as a start-up from the project. We're building in three months to get our feet wet and then we'll go back over the project about February 1 and make any changes necessary.

A few comments about how it will work:

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The Furnace Street Mission




Dear Mission Family-member,


On my Dad's side my family all stem from Cornwall England - around Penzance. I grew up with stories of his childhood - 1895 - and how he would help make the Christmas plum pudding each year. I think of him each year as I extend the tradition. Eleven years ago I went back to his home in Cornwall; made a family pilgrimage of it.

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The Baby Dedication: It happened one Christmas.







He was an old man. He no longer went to work -- he just hung around the big church each day. It was sort of expected, he reasoned, and the remarks he knew they made behind his back didn't bother him too much. True -- he took his religion seriously but not in such a way that he was considered too fanatic. He had learned how to integrate his faith into acceptable social circles.

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Thank You Brothers & Sisters.

Bob Denton

Chaplains Corner


Thank You Brothers & Sisters


I have heard rumors of a revival and an ensuing church which has, in an underground fashion, sprung up in the last of all places one might anticipate: The FOP Lodge! Worse, it is rumored that the leader is a converted former vice cop and that there are more prominent community figures on its membership role than any other church in the county. I won't mention that there is hearsay evidence to substantiate that friendly service from the deaconswas contingent upon membership.

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One day the Bagpiper Showed up too late.


Bob Denton

FOP Chaplain


I first met her in a rather unique class I had put together at the University focusing on rural sociology. The title of the class was probably what drew interest – “Rednecks and Golden Ghettos: War and Peace on the Suburban Frontier.” How little then did I suspect that she would eventually do her field placement with our Victim Assistance Program, become an employee and then, one day, inform me she wanted to be a cop! I next saw her in uniform at an officer’s funeral where she asked me to do her wedding ceremony. Last weekend I did and what struck me was how rich the past connection over the years had become.

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